Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its been soooo long

So, it has been ages since I have written in this damn thing! And I said since day one that I would be completely open and honest in my blog, so I will spill the beans.

I have been having some health issues since the beginning of July and we are in the process of figuring them out. I have been passing out, have headaches/migraines that can last a month at a time, and have had memory loss. The doctors don't know whats going on quite yet, but they are looking into diabetes and cluster headaches. I will keep everyone posted when I figure things out.

With that said, I will be honest on another thing. I have been slacking. It was easy for me to create excuses of not to go to the gym when I wasn't feeling well. I did go, just not as often as I should have. I was lacking the personal modivation to keep myself going, and my self esteem fell because of that.

I was on cloud nine for a while, especially when I fit into my skinny jeans again :) I think I sent out a mass text message to my close girlfriends!

But I'm ready to get going again! I am going to the gym tonight with my husband, and I am going to stay in routine!

So help me out people! Keep me in check!

Until next time.......

In the words of my husband at breakfast things morning,
"just her walk says it all, I'm large and in charge"


  1. I certainly hope your health issues are not as serious as they could be, but I'm glad that you are ready to get back to a healthy routine! Best regards, and I'll keep reading. ;D

  2. You take care of you, Sista!!! And how come I didn't get any text about you fitting into your skinny jeans! I would have done the WOOP WOOP dance for ya!!!

    Keep up the good work!