Friday, July 16, 2010

And it has begun!

I have just completed my second work out today. I wasn't going to post until I started my sessions with my trainer, but so many things have started to happen already.

Day1: First Workout
Inspirational Song of the day: Jump and Jive, Brian Setzer Orchestra

I have to say, like most people that start to work out, the first day is the hardest. I found myself doubting that I could do it from the first 5 min. on the treadmill. All that was going through my mind repeatedly were the doubts that this was a dumb idea, I will never be able to do this. At first glance of the gym I see the cute girls in the tight sweat pants and tank tops. And here I am, a mid twenties chubby girl who has OBVIOUSLY waited to long to work out. Then I truly opened my eyes and saw that there was no reason for me to feel insecure. Fat, skinny, tall, short, beautiful, and ugly. Everyone was there, and no one cared what other people looked like.
So now the story of the workout begins.
I started on the treadmill,
"walking, how hard can it be, I walk all the time!"
Then....the 5 minutes in....speed walking
"Oh my god! My left leg is cramping, oh crap, this is not that easy."
It kicked my ass, just simple walking. As I huffed and puffed, it became easier. Not physically but mentally. I was doing it. Soon 5 minutes turned to 6, then 7,8,9.
"OK Katie, one more minute then you can take a break, then you can breathe."
I felt great about myself. I did something that 24 hours before I didn't think i was capable of.
And that's how the night continued. I conquered the bike, I worked on some machines with my husband at screams reach to help me if I get confused.
It was a successful night!

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  1. hey thats awesome!! some questions tho...

    where are u working out?
    what have you been eating?

    i need some ideas lol

    im glad ur making changes! U CAN DO IT!!!!