Friday, January 6, 2012

and so it begins!

Fonz and I have decided on a cross fit gym that we like. We hoped into at the very end of a class, and got to watch about 5 min. I was terrified. Fonz had a look in his eye like he was a kid in a candy store! After we spoke to the trainer, Jason, I started to feel better about going into this experience. There are all ages and body types doing this work out. I go in on Tuesday to do my trial class. I am probably going to cry and puke.

Along with this workout that we will be doing, we are thinking about starting the paleo diet. Google it up. It looks kind of crazy at first, but when you start to look into the recipes, it seems not to bad.

Tonight I am hosting two friends for what we call the "Hockey Wives Club." We all have celebritys husbands that are blackhawk players. Jamie's being Steve Montador, Michelle's being Sami Lepisto, and mine being Viktor Stalberg. You will probably hear about this more. So anyways..... I have all healthy snacks out, and I will post pictures and the meal plan later. :)

Time to go watch the hawks!!

Ps. Fonzy and Me are meeting Hammer tomorrow! GO TEAM SWEDE!

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