Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day one: DONE!

Today, after I pulled myself out of bed, I managed to drag myself to CrossFit.

I didn't die.

Everyone was awesome there, and I am so glad that we picked this gym over the others that we looked into. Everyone was extremely welcoming and super encouraging. But I must say, even though I didn't do the workout like everyone else, my trainer, Jason, customized it for me. This is what I did today.
20 pound medicine ball dead lifts
modified burpees
I had to do them reps like the following:

It was a baby workout, but I finished it, and I am really f'in happy about it!
Even though Jason kicked my ass today, I guess you could say it was in the nicest way possible! :)

I am going to go rest my legs, and try not to cry..

Ps. Lunch today was grilled steak with red and green bell peppers, and my snack was vanilla greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and oats!

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  1. So proud of you! The first step is always the hardest! You can do it & you will succeed! I have faith! :)